Hijamah for the treatment of Sciatica

This is a post by Abu Abdul Wali – a male cupping therapist based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

scaticaSciatica is a condition caused by general compression or irritation of spinal nerve roots, doctors say that the nerves are compressed (usually) when the patient lifts heavy weight, but the actual reason is the accumulation of dry & thick septic substances that compress the nerves. You may not feel it, but the septic substance is exerting a pressure on your nerves & when it remains for years, nerves are compressed daily, very slowly by 1/ 100 fraction of a millimeter & all of a sudden, lifting heavy weights or other injury results in the existence of Sciatica. Constipation is another reason for the build-up of toxins in lower back.

Ibn Al Qayyam mentioned that extracting out the septic substance requires a medicine that can bring the problem to its maturity & then expels it out through stools, & he explained that for people of Hijaaz, fat from a fat-tailed sheep is the best (laxative) medicine. Herbs from Tibb-e-Nabwi like Mugwort (Sheeh), Frankincense, Sana Makki, Habb al Rashad, Aloe Vera, Ginger, black seed, etc. all will help to cure Sciatica Insha’Allah. Hijamah + Tibb-e-Nabwi herbs can surely save a Sciatica patient from spinal surgery.

Sciatica is called Iriq-al-Nasa, wrongly pronounced as Arq-un-Nisaa in Urdu.

Sciatica patients are cupped at 10 ~ 11 points all together, covering the upper back, middle back, Lumbar section from where the Sciatic nerve comes out & at the backside of leg, and downwards where the nerve travels till the foot. Such a Hijamah brings an immediate relief, but it should be coupled with Tibb-e-Nabawi foods, herbs such as Habb-al-Rashad (Cress), massaging with infused olive oil of Qust-al-Bahri & Rashaad, & applying a Cataplasm (Zammad ~ poultice) made with ground cress seeds+Barley’s Saweeq+vinegar, it is the formulation of Sahib-al-Qanoon (Ibn-e-Seena). Ground Habb al Rashad seeds (2 parts) are mixed with one part of barley’s Saweeq (Sattu) & made like a bread dough in pure vinegar (you can also add some olive oil), the blessed mixture is applied as a cataplasm (poultice) wherever the patient feels pain, Ibn e Seena said that this Zamaad is best for Sciatica pains (Iriq al Nasa عرق النسا).
He wrote : ينفع من عرق النسا شربا وضمادا بالخل وسويق الشعير & similar words were repeated by Ibn Al Qayyam when he wrote about Habb al Rashad وإذا خلط بسويق الشعير والخل، وتضمد به، نفع من عرق النسا، وحلل الأورام الحارة في آخرها‏.‏ When Cress is mixed with barley Saweeq (Flour) and vinegar and used as a bandage, it helps the patients of Sciatica and decomposes hot tumors.

When your Zamaad is ready, apply it on your painful limb, put a small piece of polyethylene shopper bag over it & tie with a cloth like bandage, it should be done after Isha, as you have to keep the Zamaad for 3-4 hours, it is better to apply before sleep & open it in the morning at Fajar. Ibn e Seena also wrote that Zamaad of Qust al Bahri (with olive oil) also provides relief from Iriq al Nasa & Allah is The HEALER. It is advisable that the patient avoids exertion, especially lifting weights.