Hijamah for the treatment of Sciatica

This is a post by Abu Abdul Wali – a male cupping therapist based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

scaticaSciatica is a condition caused by general compression or irritation of spinal nerve roots, doctors say that the nerves are compressed (usually) when the patient lifts heavy weight, but the actual reason is the accumulation of dry & thick septic substances that compress the nerves. You may not feel it, but the septic substance is exerting a pressure on your nerves & when it remains for years, nerves are compressed daily, very slowly by 1/ 100 fraction of a millimeter & all of a sudden, lifting heavy weights or other injury results in the existence of Sciatica. Constipation is another reason for the build-up of toxins in lower back. Continue reading

A Perspective on the Effects and Benefits of the Ancient Art of Hijama (Cupping) Therapy

untitled22by Dr. David Parker, ND, published in the International Cupping Society (ICS) Magazine

As a naturopath, nutritionist and healer, I was intrigued to explore the scientific reasons why the ancient art of cupping or Hijama therapy was so effective in treating a whole host of ailments and illnesses.

The wet cupping I found particularly fascinating and was curious to know more about the blood which was being extracted via the cup from various areas of the body. Continue reading

The Body’s Amazing Superhighway – Analysis of Blood from Wet Cupping (Hijama)


Blood is a useful focal point for exploring health.  Whatever health outcome you are experiencing today, it is heavily related to what is in your blood.

Blood bathes your cells 24 hours a day.  Blood not only brings vital nutrients to your cells; it also carries away metabolic waste products.  If these waste products are not immediately carried away as they are produced, poisonous toxins build up in the tissues and organs they reside in. Continue reading

Blood Pressure and Asthma treatment of Chaudhry Abdullah

staminaMr. Abdullah, age 37, had problem with asthma and High Blood Pressure.

Asthma: He had Dust Alergy, Asthma and breathing problems since very early age of 10 years old. He had tried several medical treatments including allopathic, Tib-E-Unani, Homeopathy etc. but to no avail and finally he ended up using an inhaler.

High Blood Pressure: He had developed the condition at the age of 30. Although mild, it was affecting his performance in work and every day life. He had recently started taking mild medicine for this.

Continue reading